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I've beein in the trucking industry for 10 years. I've worked with previous Drug Testing Consortium and have been treated alright. But I've never received the customer service that I get with Idaho WorkCare. They're fast, efficient, available when I need them and very affordable. They want to do a great job and they've done a fantastic job for all of the drivers and companies I've set up with them thus far. I'm impressed and will continue to send my new accounts their way. Thanks, Idaho WorkCare for doing a great job for me and my clients.

Troy T. - DOT Compliance Manager

Dr. Wight has maintained a very good relationship with this company that has existed for many years. Dr. Wight provides the services we need as a trucking company to perform physicals and drug testing required by the Department of Transportation. Dr. Wight and his staff have gone out of there way to provide us with appointments that meet the demanding schedule of a commercial truck driver a lot of times with very short notice. He and his staff have always done a very professional job in making sure that all testing is done completely and accurately. We look forward to many years of continued service from Dr. Wight and the fine people that work for him.

Dave E.- Safety Manager

Idaho WorkCare has been doing the UA’s for Jefferson Alternative High School for the 2008-2009 school year.  Darlene is always professional in working with our students as she does the UA’s and she has excellent rapport with them.  I have been impressed with the speed that Darlene returns the results of the tests to me.  I always get them on the same day so that I can contact parents.  Darlene also has taken time to train my staff and me on how to recognize illegal drug use in our students.  I would recommend Darlene and Idaho WorkCare without reservation.

Richard Y.- High School Principal

I learned so much from the training; I learned the extremes that people will go to hide the use of substance's. I learned the different drugs and the effects they have. I also learned how ignorant I am in this area and how easily that can be used against me. I loved knowing when it comes to confronting the employee that it is SO simple to just send them in for a test. This has been very helpful training, I feel that I am a better employee for my company after this class.

Anna T.- Human Resources

My trucking company has been using Work Steps for several years to ensure that prospective employees are physically able to perform their specific job functions.   I personally have seen the difference Work Steps makes on reducing injuries in the work place.   We recently purchased a new terminal which did not do any type of functional capacity testing.    Because we did not do any functional testing, many times a person would get hired that had physical limitations that we were unaware of. We have also realized that even though our job requirements seem simple to us, many people can’t perform them properly do to their current physical condition.  One of the challenges we face as employers is selecting the right person with out discriminating based on anything illegal like previous injuries, sex, etc.  

 This is where WorkSteps comes in.  WorkSteps evaluates the job specific functions that are needed for specific jobs.  When passing WorkSteps becomes a condition of employment, you get an employee that is physically capable of performing his job functions.   What WorkSteps also does for you is that it establishes measurements on flexibility, range of motion, lifting requirements and many more.   If an employee were to get injured you only have to restore that person to their original condition.   Because you have their original condition documented, you know what the goal is.  This will in turn save you many dollars on the Workman’s Comp side if you do have someone get injured.  

Since implementing WorkSteps  in December,   I have not had anyone get injured that has passed WorkSteps. I have only had one injury, and that person was hired prior to implementing WorkSteps.  Last year to date I had 3 injuries.  I have saved significant money by screening my applicants.   

Something that surprised me about Work Steps is that it weeds out the less motivated and the bad attitude perspective employees. The less motivated will not complete it and the people with bad attitudes will decide it is not worth their time.    I have hired hundreds of employees and have come to realize if people display a bad attitude during orientation and the hiring process, it only gets worse once they are hired and eventually they move on costing you more money to hire and train someone to replace them.  By implementing WorkSteps I have found that I get a  more physically qualified employee, as well as an employee that wants to work and do what it takes to get the job done.

Adrian W.- Safety Manager