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We have found truth in the phrase, "If it isn't win-win, everyone loses." We know that we will ultimately only keep clients that profit from our services, so we start each business relationship by offering a free program cost analysis.  You can use this calculator to get a rough idea as to whether your company can profit from a drug-free workplace program. If you need help call us at 1-877-522-2591 or refer to the explanation key at the bottom of this page.

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Industry: We know that not all industries are represented here, just pick the one that best represents how labor intensive your industry is.
Type of testing: If you know what type of sample you want to use in testing, enter it here.  If you don't, no worries, just leave it blank and the calculator will automatically select the most common type for the industry you selected.
On site: Select "Yes" if you want our collectors to come to your business or job site. Select "No" if you want your employees to visit one of our offices.
# Employees:  How many employees does your business have?
Estimated New Hires: How many people do plan on hiring in the next year?
% Random: What percentage of your employees would like to be randomly picked to have a drug test during the next year.  (ie. DOT requires 50%)
Annual Premium: How much do you spend on Worker's Compensation premiums in a year? 
Experience Mod Factor:  You may have to call your agent to get this number.  If you don't know, enter a 1.
Estimated Cost of Hiring and Training:  How much does it cost you to hire a new employee.  Take into consideration advertising, time interviewing, personnel setup, training time/wages, etc.

*This calculator was created using statistics from the US Department of Labor and Idaho State Code. Calculations are estimates only and do not constitute any guaranteee of return.